LorettaGraceTv Present: 5 Red Lipsticks (WOC Friendly)

Ever since Rapper ASAP has made his announcement how he think Black Women should not ever wear red lipstick I have notice plenty of black women want to prove his point wrong.

I have to say LorettaGraceTV came out with a video 5 Red Lipsticks Women of Color Friendly.  Now I have to admit I love every color that she showcase in her video.  Love the music and Love the editing.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Create Your Own Fendi Baguette Bag with Painter Nina Pandolfo


You ever thought creating your Baguette bag by Fendi?  See I know me I love to look original and try to get handbag that I barely even see chick wear.  If you live in the area where you always see females carrying around the same LV bags, Gucci, MK Bags or even a very expensive Hermes bag. 

Well here is your chance to be different.  You can buy a blank canvas Fendi Baguette bag and create your own design or paint the bag with your own creation.

Check out the video below with Painter Nina Pandolfo.  I almost forget to mention that Fendi also provide you with the paint.

How Neat is that.

New Music: Kenyon Dixon “Fall In Love Again”

I love hearing good RnB music where I can sit down with my food and grab me drink to chill too.  Check out Kenyon Dixon and let me know what you think.

Now if you are a artist and you want me to check out your music send me a email.  Please provide a cover, your music where people can access it with no problems (YouTube or sound cloud) and any information to reach you on the net. 


If you have watch the Housewives of Benning Road the you will love  this new web series “Love & GoGo Written and Produced by DC Comedian Mike Brooks.


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Target: Cat and Dog Score Big Time With Target Haul

I just had to share these 2 videos with you all.  I guess Target realize the trends that is going on with YouTube and decided to join the rest of the YouTube guru’s on the trends of Haul. These videos are so cute and funny.  Maybe they will do more.


Ciara Covers FADER’s Summer Music Issue + Video


I am really loving Ciara with her short hair cut.  Remind me of the short styled hair cuts back in the 80’s. 

The cover was shot by Dorothy Hong and Cici was styled by Mobolaji Dawodu.

Check out the video for behind the scenes:


Ms. Marsha Mellow Is Back With Twerking Booty Warfare

Ms. Marsha Mellow is back with her dynamic Twerk video.  This time she has taken it to different level where she is twerking between a make shift warfare of paintball war.

Check out the video and Enjoy.

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