Floyd Mayweather vs Tyrese 7 mile challenge


Heavy Weight Champion Floyd Mayweather and Actor/Singer Tyrese Gibson decided to join in the trend of doing challenges that is happening all over social media

The challenge was to do a 7 mile run in Vegas where they started out at 4:00 a.m. and I guess they finish by the time sun was coming up. 

If you watch the video you will see that Floyd Mayweather actually did the whole 7 mile run while Tyrese CHEATED


I have to say Tyrese did try to hang but he was talking to much for this challenge. Let’s see how many other people will try to do this challenge.


Check out video below:

Special shoutout to Rundown videos.  Make sure you check them out: Here

Maxwell, Will and Jada Smith and Tyrese Gibson In Dubai

Tyrese Gibson, Will and Jada Smith along with Maxwell are in Dubai.  It good to see them accepting the culture that there. 

They are out in the dessert of Dubai enjoying themselves.  Maxwell is there for a New Years Eve concert, Tyrese is in Dubai celebrating his birthday and Will and Jada Smith are there on Vacation.

Tyrese Sing To Will and Jada Smith 16 years of Marriage.

I think this is so sweet how Tyrese sings to Will and Jada Smith about being marrying for 16 years. Congradulations to the Smiths.

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