Idris Elba Addressed the “Peen” Accident



So Mister Yummy Yummy Idris Elba made a statement on Twitter that the Peen Accident that had a bunch of women all around the world drooling was actually a wired mic.

So the other day Mr. Idris Elba got caught by paparazzi in London on his new movie “A Hundred Streets”.

Well it seem like he got something out of all this good press.  He got a offer with Calvin Klein and a lot of followers.


I just had to throw this in the mix. 

Stevie J Post A Pic Of Althea & Benzino Doing Vocal Check While Benzino Airs Him Out With Proof Of No Marriage Between Stevie and Joseline


When Bromance goes wrong.  Today has been one of those days where you sit back and just let the drama fall in your lap.

Here we go Monday night, Stevie J decided to post a delightful picture of Benzino and his girlfriend Althea that look like she was about to do something I guess we can say adult things.

Even though this picture was post on before I was requested by Benzino attorney to take the picture down.   We just want to send a special Thanks to Stevie J for posting this picture again.

Althea was proud to announce to the world that picture was a private photo of her and Benzino.  Which a he didn’t denied.


Things are about to get messy messy messy.  Benzino gets on twitter and drop a nice cup of tea in the Twitter streets.  I keep trying to tell folks twitter can be mean. 

Benzino had his cup of tea boiling hot where he dump all the information about Stevie J and his girl Joseline.  Check below:





I don’t know if this sizzling tea was for the sake of ratings.  I hope in the end these two friends can put aside all this drama and once again have the Bromance they once had.

Dwight Howard Put On Blast By Minor Age Side Chick


A 16-year-old girl has created a storm of allegations against basketball player Dwight Howard. Known as “Debbie” the young girl alleges that she plans to “finnnnna fuck his life up”. The teen posted a screenshot of an alleged conversation between the two. The girl also alleged that Howard has flown both her and a friend to visit him plenty of times and posted photos of Howard in a hotel with her and a friend: Since making the allegations, the girl has deleted her Twitter account and Howard, of course, has not made any comments about the incident.








Keyshia Kaior Has Beef With Fashion Designer BrittanBugatti aka Blushbyb-Allen

CEO entrepreneur and Model Keyshia Ka’oir has gotten herself into some fashion drama with her fashion designer BrittainBugatti.

Tonight on Instagram this fashion designer put Keyshia Ka’oir on the spotlight. Now if you are like me I actually like some of the custom made outfit Keyshia wears for her concerts or events.

What happen is you have people that run their business on instagram where they send celebrities, reality star, socialites and anyone that is in demand in the media free gifts.

These freee gifts can be anything from clothes, makeup, perfume, shoes or anything all for endorsement of the product.

In the picture below Keyshia place a picture of a dress she was wearing without giving the designer a shout out just in case people was interested in buying that specific dress.  I guess we can say Keyshia didn’t even think about following the rules. See the rules are if a company give you a free product you can give them a shout out or a review of the product

Well check it out and let me know was it unfair for the designer to put Keyshia Ka’oir on blast for not telling her fans who made the dress.

@keyshiakaoir was caught Blushing last night, but I bet you won’t catch her in another B.Allen Design! @keyshiakaoir no shout out needed b/c everyone already knew it was a Blush design. @keyshiakaoir it amazes me how quick you are to scream out your designer labels #Versace #Chanel #Gucci #Loubs etc. supporting labels who don’t support you, but you don’t S/O the designers who take the time to make you custom pieces. Then you have the nerve to be on your documentary like you so down to earth and support your ppl when clearly you don’t. #petty #selfish #shady #disrespectful #keyshiakaoir I’m just keeping it real, I thought you guys should know!��

@keyshiakaoir you can block and delete ppl comments all day but everyone knows that’s my dress so if you think you knocking my blessings, you are not.@keyshiakaoir apparently you have a lot of time on your hands to block and delete all the comments on who made your dress. Stop hiding and let everyone know the conniving you are!

From @keyshiakaoir the lies she tell. Hmmm she don’t know my IG when all my dress has tags with all my information on it as well as labels, also clients mention me under your pic is it that hard for you to give credit? Not only that she claim the dress was falling apart, hmmm but you manage to get your big ass in a size small in wore it the whole night, night to mention that was her second dress she wore from my collection, that doesn’t sound like a unhappy client huh????

From Keyshia Ka’oir Twitter:

LiL Terio seen with Dwayne Dade and Lebron James

This little man has been seen with so many celebrity lately.  LiL Terio is internet famous for his video on Vine and Yahoo where his uncle take random videos of him saying “Ooooooooooooooh killl em”.

Now just recently there has been a rumor of late that LiL Terio is supposely to be grown man aka a midget. 

This information was spotted on here for source

Kayne West Slammed Jimmy Kimmel For Spoofing His Rock Star Interview + Video


I swear Twitter be having all the good drama especially on the last night.  Once again here we have Kanye West takes to twitter to slammed Jimmy Kimmel for a spoof he have done.on West rock star interview with BBC Zane Lowe.

I actually watch this interview and was kind of lost.  West was talking but not really talking about anything.  All I remember when he made the statement he was the best rock star out there.

Well check out the tweets.  If you are not familiar on how Twitter work you have to read it from the bottom to the top.  Enjoy.



Then after Kanye finish with rants he did a memes of Jimmy Kimmel.




Check out the Spoof Video:

Kandi Burruss Confirmed Her TV Show “The Kandi Factory” On Bravo TV Cancel.

Awwww I hate to hear when a good show that atleast represent something good is cancel.  Well Kandi Burruss has confirm through her twitter account when a fan ask when will the Kandi Factory on Bravo TV aired again.

Her response that her show was cancel.  Well atleast she got a run with her show twice even though the ratings was low but overall it was a very good show.

Kandi is a very talented person that is not scare to go outside box when it comes to the music world.

Well, don’t feel bad we will see Kandi on the next season of BravoTV housewives of Atlanta.



Juicy J Is Giving Out A $50k Scholarship For The Best Twerker

juicy-j-2013 The things people do to get promotion to their album sales. Well Juicy J is giving out a 50K scholarship to the best that submit a twerk video. Juicy J new album “Stay Trippy” will be in the stores August 27th.

juicy j tweet

Honda Civic 2013 Nick Cannon #BeYourself


Nick Cannon has join Japanese Automaker Honda with the debut ad campaign commerical for the Honda Civic entitled “BeYourself”.

In the entertainment business, much like the auto industry, there is always pressure to adopt the latest trends,” Cannon said in a statement:

I’ve built my career by staying true to myself and my personal beliefs, and it’s the same commitment that I saw in Honda and theirdevelopment of the 2013 Civic that drew me to this project.”

I’m really enjoying the message of this commercial.  .  Check it out below:

Artist Prince Is Now On Twitter +New Song

Are you a Prince fan and would to love to have that once in a life time to actually chat with him?  Well you don’t have to wait any longer.  That’s right folks Prince has decided to bring his GROOVEY vibes to twitter.

Click to tweet to Prince


Check out Prince new music before his lawyer decides to take it down.


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