Floyd Mayweather Ex-Fiance Ms. Jackson Clap Back At New His Boo Doralie Medina


This is truly getting messy.  Floyd Mayweather has a new boo Doralie Medina who goes by the name Badmedina.  Doralie was Floyd personal massage lady but I guess when the engagement between Floyd and Ms. Jackson was over with Doralie got upgraded. Now if you have been following Floyd and his Harem of ladies you will know that Doralie has always been in the shadows.


Badmedina has a fanpage (I never knew a massage therapist to have a fanpage but hey when it comes to social media anything is possible).  Well on this fanpage @badmedinaluvas decided to drop some tea.  It never mention who the tea was about but of course I guess this certain fanpage has been mentioning Floyd ex-wifey so much that Ms. Jackson came and got comfortable.  Sat down and pour her own cup of tea where she went head to toe with this fanpage which Ms. Jackson was swinging words.  Check it out below:





Ouch now this has to hurt.  Poor Badmedina if this tea is true.  Damn Floyd swap Badmedina out for another lady in the harem. 


I just love a good tea session where the person that was about the tea drop some major tea in return.

Floyd Mayweather vs Tyrese 7 mile challenge


Heavy Weight Champion Floyd Mayweather and Actor/Singer Tyrese Gibson decided to join in the trend of doing challenges that is happening all over social media

The challenge was to do a 7 mile run in Vegas where they started out at 4:00 a.m. and I guess they finish by the time sun was coming up. 

If you watch the video you will see that Floyd Mayweather actually did the whole 7 mile run while Tyrese CHEATED


I have to say Tyrese did try to hang but he was talking to much for this challenge. Let’s see how many other people will try to do this challenge.


Check out video below:

Special shoutout to Rundown videos.  Make sure you check them out: Here

When Social Media Goes Wrong: Sheneka Adams Posts a Domestic Violence Photo



Yesterday Sheneka Adams posted a picture on her instagram of abuse face where she was showing her support to domestic violence.  Of course things went wrong. 

Well  you had people along with bloggers questioning whether or not did she actually get abuse by her boyfriend Jacob of York. 


Instead of leaving the picture there and explaining why she had a abuse face she deletes it.  Sheneka need to realize she has a platform along with a voice that by having that one picture could had been put to good use.

There are so many people out here that are being abuse that they are scare to let anyone know. 

Back to the subject of this post.  Well one blogger @teaspiller_ put her on blast. 

Here is Sheneka Adams response:

“See this is the type of crap that makes me so angry. People like this who have no life that spread unnecessary rumors for no apparent reason. This is why I deleted the picture because I knew some dumb ass idiot would take it and make false accusations. This is very hurtful, I was only showing my support for those abused and affected by domestic violence, WHICH IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND IT’S NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT. I can’t believe how disgusting people can be. Please report this fake page because it seems like their mission is to seek out people and hurt them smh –@teaspiller__

YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House

President Obama drops by a meeting with YouTube personalities to learn about how they’re using YouTube to connect with an audience of millions of people and to discuss why it’s important for young people to visit HealthCare.gov and learn more.
Participants included: Hannah Hart, Iman Crosson (or Alphacat), Michael Stevens of Vsauce, Benny and Rafi Fine of The Fine Brothers, Mark Douglas, Todd Womack, and Ben Relles of BarelyPolitical, Peter Shuckoff and Lloyd Ahlquist of Epic Rap Battles of History: Tyler Oakley, Mickey Meyer and Daniel Kellison of Jash and Rachel Goldenberg from Funny or Die.

Dwayne Wade Announces Gabrielle Union his Woman Crush Wednesday



Dwyane Wade Posts His ‘Beautiful Black Queen’ For ‘Woman Crush Wednesday

It’s not everyday that a man announce to the world that he has made mistakes and to show hid appreciation to the one person that he love and treasure.   Today Dwayne announce that his Fiancé Gabrielle Union was his woman crush today. This was one of those awwww moments.

If you are familiar with what is #WCW woman crush Wednesday this is something that happen every Wednesday on certain social media platforms.


Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union has been together since 2009 and just recently gotten in engaged  Well during one of those break up moment Dwayne Wade has a baby which the media call the break up baby.  Yes he announce that the baby was his and the mother was a friend of both.

I guess we can say with this announcement which came out just when Gabrielle series show on BET “Being Mary Jane” had to open up some bad memories but overall they both work it out to getting marry to each other.  

Instagram Fitness: Does This Describe you?

For all you Instagram Celebrities out there in the social world check out this video. How many times have you watch your timeline to see chick always posting #gymtimeflow or #badgirlsworkout but when you check out the video the first thing you ask did she or he actually work the hell out.   LOL 

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