Sunday Inpiration: Never give a Person the Chance to Disrespect You

Never Give a Person the Chance to Disrespect you.

Sometime we as women need a little inspiration message to think things over threw out the day.  Are you the type of woman that give a person second chances over and over again and all they do is keep disappointing you?

As times goes on we realize that all the energy and time that we keep giving a person could had been spent on time to focus on yourself.  Never let any person in your life get so comfortable that sometimes it feel like the more they disrespect you that you can’t risk letting them go.  You have to stand and realize that this person will never change no matter how many feelings you have for this person.

Its time that you learn how to walk away.  When you walk away from the person that has been so disrespectful towards you you will realize how peaceful and less you stress you will have.

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