Mary J Blige and Method Man Bet Awards 2019

Mary J Blige and Method Man Bet Awards 2019

Mary J Blige and Method Man Bet Awards 2019

Mary J Blige performed “You All I Need” with Method Man which is classic love song.

Rihanna Lands Vogue Cover: Rihanna Effect March 2014


Rihanna lands her 3rd Vogue Cover.  Rihanna Effect for March 2014.

Barbadian Beauty Robyn Rihanna Fenty has landed her 3rd Vogue Cover.  Not only is she is a Megastar but Fashionista  who is tomboy that has every designers to want to do a collection around her. 

Check out what some designers has to say about her:

“There is no one else that excites me more,” says Alexander Wang, sipping an iced coffee. “It’s raw, it’s smart, it’s everything pop culture needs to move forward.” Mr. Ford declares from his London studio, “She can throw on combinations you can’t imagine other people could possibly wear, and look great. In the fashion world she has inspired a very, very loose mix of random items.” Peter Dundas, on a train ride between Pucci offices in Milan and Florence, calls her “a very talented dresser, in the way that Kate Moss is. She’s an amplified version of what a lot of girls want to look like, but she’s always a step ahead of the game.” “My e-mail to her asking her to do the campaign said ‘Balmainriri,’ ” says Olivier Rousteing on the line from Paris (a riff on Badgalriri, Rihanna’s Instagram account, which has eleven million followers; her Twitter account has 34 million). Olivier tells me Rihanna is his muse. “My goal is, I love ’er!” he enthuses in accented English. “I love my brand! I love my clothes! And I want them everywhere! And Rihanna is everywhere! We both love social media! We love to text!!! She is the new Wonder Woman!!!”





Vogue Speaks About The Rihanna Effect

Just think if you have Rihanna all to yourself and have her dress you.  Well check out the Rihanna Effect with Vogue Writer Plum Sykes

To read about it click here: Vogue_Rihanna Fashion Effect

New Video: Chris Brown Love More ft Nicki Minaj [Official Video]


Very cute video.  Chris Brown and Nick Minaj sure do have a good club banger.

“Love More” is the third single from Chris Brown’s “X” album, which includes features from Brandy, Kendrick Lamar, Kelly Rowland,Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna.

Rihanna Releases Summer MAC Makeup Collection


That’s right folks.  Rihanna summer collection is finally here.

Check out the colors:


On June 18th, Rihanna will drop her Summer MAC Makeup Collection at Noon EST.  The entire collection will be sold exclusively online at

Here are the prices:

RiRi Boy lipstick in matte vivid lavender ($15.00)

Heaux lipstick in matte berry ($15.00)

RiRi Woo stick ($15.00)

Barbados Girl rose gold bronzer lustre drops ($20.00)

Hibiscus Kiss coral blush and matte bronze duo ($26.00)

When Enough is Enough: Rihanna and Her Navy Goes In on A Instagram Follower


Before I start I want to say I do stand for Cyber-Bullying.  What do you do when you have someone following you making little snide remark regarding not only yourself but your family too. 

Well this young lady that goes by the name @Santana_Kash on twitter and @Ms_kashama1 on Instagram, has been harassing Rihanna for awhile.  I guess we can say this person was looking for attention and boy did she get it. LOL.

Now we all know when you talk trash to someone on a social network platform especially a celebrity be prepare for that person to say something back to you.

I guess we can say Rihanna got tired of the comments and hit the girl where it hurt the most.



Here we have the a person that is just looking for the classic attention from a celebrity.  Would I call it bullying?  Yes.  Do I think Rihanna should just had ignore her?  Yes and No. 


The picture below must had gotten to Rihanna for her to make her comeback to follower.  I truly do hate seeing this picture of Rihanna and for people to keep throwing this up in her face is so not right.


So do you think Rihanna was right to respond back to this young lady and basically destroy this young lady? 

Chris Brown Goes Off On Fans Once Again



Once again Chris Brown is at it again.  I guess we can say Chris has not learn how to just ignore certain things especially when it comes to fans saying negative things.

You would think Chris PR has school him on how to ignore such things.  I guess not.


Wondering how he going to get out of this situation. Maybe he can invite those same people to come and dance aka workout with him.

Its No One Business, Rhianna Confirms Relationship With Chris Brown On Instagram


I guess we can say by now we all have gotten the memo that Rhianna and Chris Brown have come out swinging letting the world know that there is more then a friendship but a possible relationship with Chris Brown.


I have no comments on this one. 


Where it all began.  Rhianna post a picture of Chris sleeping in her bed.


Now even though they haven’t confirm that they are back together but here we have matching his and her rolex watches.