Carmelo Anthony Has Message For His Fans Concerning Cheating Allegiations

Carmelo Anthony Has Message For His Fans Concerning Cheating Allegations.
Recently there were photos of Carmelo Anthony and Mystery women on a yacht looking like they were sunbathing. Of course, allegations start floating around that Carmelo is cheating on his wife LaLa Anthony since the photos came out her his wife birthday.

Those photos weren’t even out for a good 12 hours before it hit the blogs. Guess we can say Carmelo Anthony got the batman signal quick. He goes to TMZ and explains how he there is for business in France.

Of course, I did my research and yes he there with a couple of other NBA players in France. Make sure you check out @jumpman23 that is promoting Michael Jordan Nike products.

Carmelo mention NO he is not cheating that he is there for a business retreat with the mystery lady, her husband family, and friends.

Kim Kardashian Does her Catwalk Stroll While Forgetting Her Daughter North West To leave Paris

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Messy messy messy. Here we have Kim Kardashian come out of her hotel on her way to airport to go home. Kim Kardashian came out strutting with this beautiful coat on with her very first time wearing a Chanel jogger from the 2014 fall collection. She has master the concrete catwalk runway. She get to van and notice her daughter North West was not there. So she strut back without the coat on to show her back side for a photo op to go and retrieve her daughter. What mother does this just to stay revelent for fame and to be mention in the media? This is so sad. No matter what excuse this family give this video just take the cake. How can she walk out without her daughter to go home? #kimkardashian #northwest #nori #kanye #kanyewestinparis #yeezys #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #khloekardashian #krisjenner #celebrityevents #celebritygossip #celebritynews #chanel #paris #parisfashionshow


Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress


Today is the day where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get marry.  Even though Kanye claim he wanted privacy the paparazzi sure didn’t get the memo.

Everyone was wondering how Kim wedding dress will.  Well here are some photos.  Sorry they are blur but I once I clearer pictures I will post them.


Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, North and Kanye West headed to their pre-Wedding brunch Hosted by Valentino (Photos)

Today was truly a dream come true for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as they celebrate a pre-wedding brunch by Valentino along with Andre Leon Talley.

The couple was join with Family and close friends at the designer’s beautiful Chateau de Wideville.

Enjoy the photos!

Kim and Kanye take a special tour by walking in the Garden a Wideville.

Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy, Go to Lunch In Paris



Awww just look how big Blue Ivy has gotten.   I will have to say Blue Ivy is such a cutie pie.  The Carters was seen having lunch at Septime restaurant on Thursday in Paris.. 



You can tell Blue Ivy is going to love the Paps  when she get a little order.  She looking straight into the cameras like saying that’s right a star is born.


As you can probably tell Blue Ivy is probably enjoying all this attention.  Right at this minute Blue Ivy name is trending on twitter which I think is so cute. 

As a mom to a toddler I can understand why Beyonce look the way she do.  Sometimes you just want to get up and go along with getting a little peace of mind.



Im so loving this scene with Jayz trying to kiss his daughter as she pull away. 


Here we have the look of Beyonce look stun that the paps are right in her face but Blue Ivy looking like she is talking and enjoying the moment.

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