Messy Keke Palmer Has A New Man and A Public Statement to The Kids Mom

Keke Palmer decided to showcase her new man on snapshot. Well according to the, Keke Palmer new man goes by the name of Elvin Jackson who is cousin to Trevor Jackson.
Keke was at a Christmas Party where she met both Elvin and his girlfriend who is the kid mom at this party. I guess you can say KeKe got what she wanted where Elvin has move in her less then a month.
Keke decided to do a public announcement to let the world know that mother of Elvin kids has been texting but here the catch while the girlfriend is thinking its Elvin turn out to be Keke. Keke Palmer is a Messy Boot.
Guess we going have to wait and see how all this drama turn out in the end. Will Elvin stay with Keke for the social media fame or will he go back to his girlfriend and kids.

DC Man Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson On Good Hope Road S.E.

We all know when the weather turns you see all kinds of things on the street.  Even though its spring I guess people can not wait for summer to come around.  This guy was seen in Washington DC off of Good Hope Road S.E. doing a Michael Jackson Tribute.

I have to say he was very entertaining.  Glad to see he didn’t hit by a bus or car.


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