2013 HouseWives of Benning Road Season 2 Episode3

Housewives of Benning Road has never been a disappointed at anytime.  Another Episode another day of laughs.



2013 HouseWives of Benning Road Season 2 Episode 2

2013 HouseWives of Benning Road Season2 Episode1


They Bacckkkkkkkkk.  That right folks Housewives of Benning Road are back with Season 2.   So remember while you are watching don’t forget to say “Twerking On The News”.

The Chuck Brown Birthday Celebration Featuring The Chuck Brown All Star Band


Alright folks its that time year again If you are a ride or die Chuck Brown fan then you know this is the place you got to be at.  The celebration will be held at the Howard Theatre, Thursday August 22, 2013.   Showtime starts at 8:00pm but the door will open at 6:00 pm.

The Chuck Brown Birthday Show has long been a tradition in Washington, DC with some of the most memorable and special performances and guest appearances ever seen at a Chuck Brown concert.  The Chuck Brown All-Star Band continues that tradition and its mission to party and rock the house for all who loved Chuck Brown and the music he created and keeping the Legacy of Chuck Brown with us always.  The Chuck Brown All-Star Band includes Frank “Scooby” Marshall,  Chuck’s daughter KK, D Floyd, Sweet Cherie, the Horny Horns, Kenny “Kwickfoot” Gross, Mighty Moe Hagans, Marcus Young, and Karlston “Ice” Ross. They will also be joined by  Legends of Go Go guests, including Buggs from Junkyard, Sugar Bear from E.U., and Michelle Blackwell of Choclate City.

See there. 

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Benning Road HouseWives Episode 2

Alright they are back again with Episode 2 of the Benning Road Housewives.

I couldn’t stop laughing on this Episode.  I have to give it to Comedian Mike Brooks with the cast:

Stacy Tyson, Rolanda Burgess, Chantel Rollins, Kat Rollins
Luci Rae, Bee Johnson
Comedians: Mike Brooks, TJ the Comedian, Darryl Bradley.

Now with the last episode we seen where the chick with the blonde hair is creeping with her buddy man.  Well it’s the next day and dude is still there. Now while he is sleep blond hair chick decided to put her weave lashes on him and take a picture.  LOL

You got grand mom outside gambling with the hood thugs where she can barely get off the ground while her grandson arrives to pick her up.

The ladies thought they was going on a cruise so they treated themselves to a shopping day at Rainbows.  LOL Yes Rainbows.  Now speaking of the cruise they had luggage and a laundry mat bag to go on the Spirit of Washington which was only for a hour.

You have a couple supposedly do the wrap with saran wrap and still eating snack. 

Last at least here you have Mike Brooks painting his girlfriend shoes with red paint.  He told his girlfriend he brought her some Christian Louboutins and of course she brag about it to her friends.

I have to say Keep it coming with the comedy.  Please check out the video and support our local DC artists.

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