Confirmed! Kiley Jenner is Pregnant with Rapper Travis Scott Baby.

Confimed! Reality Star Kiley Jenner is Pregnant with Rapper Travis Scott Baby

I know you probably have heard by now that entrepreneur/reality star Kylie Jenner is Pregnant with Rapper Travis Scott baby. have confirmed this news early today.  Kylie Jenner is 4 months pregnant where it was reported she has been in this relationship with Travis Scott for 5 months.

This news came days before the 10 years  KUWTK premiere aired. You got to admit its a genius trick to do to get more viewers to watch a failing show.

Special thanks to the The for catching this deleted tweet of what Rapper Tyga tweeted on twitter.
Oh no here comes the drama. Rapper Tyga is claiming that this is his baby.

Stay Tuned folks it about to be some major drama.


Kim Kardashian Arriving at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills for Wedding Shower



Today is Kim Kardashian wedding shower it was held at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca.   Just recently there was rumors floating around the net that Kim and Kayne was already married but of course she denied.

Atleast this time she did not go overboard for this wedding shower.  Kim Kardashian keep it very simple by wearing a white strapless dress with a string of pearls around her neck that’s attached to the dress


The shower was organized by her mother Kris and sister’s. 


After the shower Kim and her mom Kris was seen shopping for home goods in West Hollywood.





Kim Kardashian Fled Vienna Ball After Getting Insulted Plus The Blackface Videos


Kim Kardashian Gets paid $500 Grand to Be a billionaire date then get insulted

Kim Kardashian reportedly got paid $500k to attend the Vienna Ball as billionaire Richard Lugner’s date. However, Kim fled the scene because a white man started to mimic Kanye West in “blackface” and her date tried to get some alone time. 

Earlier Kim Kardashian and her mom did a interview with OperaBall 2104 and a comedian.  Well the lady that was doing the interview ask the comedian was he going to dance and he told her when the music of  the N word in Vienna.  Why they both laugh in Kim face.  I guess this is where Kim supposedly walk out of the ball.

Thanks to my ladybugs we came across this instagram video of Kim Kardashian actually walking in the ball surrounded by her hire security guards.  At the end of this mini clip you will see the guy with the blackface acting like a rapper saying what he was going to do to her back at the hotel.   WOW.


Kris Jenner Gets Wig Out Oprah’s “Wild Thang”

Today on the Kris Jenner show was all about wigs.  Today co-host was Morris Chestnut with special guest Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble.

After the commercial Kris comes out with Oprah wig “Wild Thang” which may it debut with Oprah on this month cover.

I love how Morris Chestnut mention that the hair was his hair before he shaved it all off for good. 

Check out the video:

Parody: North West Poses With Kim Kardashian and Kenya West by Photographer Alison Jackson


Photographer Alison Jackson decided to do a parody of the Kenya West and Kim Kardashian with their daughter North West with look alike models.


To see ,more photos you can go here to the: Source


Not going to lied I don’t know about you all but I am so glad Kim Kardashian finally had her baby.  With all the negative media press regarding her pregnancy, to her divorce, the Looney tune baby daddy announcing she was pregnant but was never around during her whole pregnancy till all the suspects theories on whether or not was he there for Kim Baby shower to birth of his daughter.

For the parents to claim they want privacy, these 2 sure do stay in the media.  The latest phase is the name of the daughter North West.  Even the grandmother Kris Jenner is doing over time sending out press releases to certain media outlets.



I think this picture is supper funny.  Can you imagine seeing this egotistic man name Kanye West with a breast feed strap on breastfeeding his own child.  LOL



Yeap I can see Kanye and his Daughter taking Vogue Magazine pictures together doing high-profile photo shoots together.


I have to say these pictures are funny for a parody of the birth of North West especially with the camera saying REALITY TV.  By now with all the updates of this so call situation between the parents I hope North West does not ever get access to the internet.  She is going to have a rude awakening when she find out about her parents.

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