Housewives of Benning Road Episode 1- 3



Im not going to lied I have totally forgot about this reality web-series.  Housewives of Benning Road is a DC based web-series comedy show.



Written by Mike Brooks (Creator)
Film & Directed by Hard Head Films (Co-Creator)
Executive Producer Kevin Baldwin
Cast Members: Bee Johnson, Chantel Rollins, Kat Rollins, Luci Rae, Rolanda Burgess, Stacey Tyson, Darryl Bradley, TJ the Comedian, Desma Nicholson, Wax, Binkie Reaves, Moe Moe, Michelle Shaw, Bigg Mike
Special Guest: Clifton Powell as Uncle Buck

2013 HouseWives of Benning Road Season 2 Episode3

Housewives of Benning Road has never been a disappointed at anytime.  Another Episode another day of laughs.



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