50Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather Again

Floyd Mayweather 50 centFloyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather 50 cents


Once again Rapper 50 cents takes to social media to clown his friend Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather on his outfit.

To be honest I have the foggiest idea on what Floyd is wearing and why is wearing such a outfit that look like he was at basketball game. What’s even strange is what the person that is standing next to Floyd Mayweather is wearing.

If you have a clue leaving a comment.

Floyd Mayweather Spotted In Milan Shopping with Friends.

FLoyd Mayweather Spotted In Milan Shopping with Friends.

FLoyd Mayweather Spotted In Milan Shopping with Friends. So Floyd Mayweather and friends along his own super body guards was seen shopping and having a good time while they was out and about in Milan, Italy.

Floyd Mayweather Ex-Fiance Ms. Jackson Clap Back At New His Boo Doralie Medina


This is truly getting messy.  Floyd Mayweather has a new boo Doralie Medina who goes by the name Badmedina.  Doralie was Floyd personal massage lady but I guess when the engagement between Floyd and Ms. Jackson was over with Doralie got upgraded. Now if you have been following Floyd and his Harem of ladies you will know that Doralie has always been in the shadows.


Badmedina has a fanpage (I never knew a massage therapist to have a fanpage but hey when it comes to social media anything is possible).  Well on this fanpage @badmedinaluvas decided to drop some tea.  It never mention who the tea was about but of course I guess this certain fanpage has been mentioning Floyd ex-wifey so much that Ms. Jackson came and got comfortable.  Sat down and pour her own cup of tea where she went head to toe with this fanpage which Ms. Jackson was swinging words.  Check it out below:





Ouch now this has to hurt.  Poor Badmedina if this tea is true.  Damn Floyd swap Badmedina out for another lady in the harem. 


I just love a good tea session where the person that was about the tea drop some major tea in return.

Floyd Mayweather vs Tyrese 7 mile challenge


Heavy Weight Champion Floyd Mayweather and Actor/Singer Tyrese Gibson decided to join in the trend of doing challenges that is happening all over social media

The challenge was to do a 7 mile run in Vegas where they started out at 4:00 a.m. and I guess they finish by the time sun was coming up. 

If you watch the video you will see that Floyd Mayweather actually did the whole 7 mile run while Tyrese CHEATED


I have to say Tyrese did try to hang but he was talking to much for this challenge. Let’s see how many other people will try to do this challenge.


Check out video below:

Special shoutout to Rundown videos.  Make sure you check them out: Here

T.I. vs Floyd Mayweather Fight over Wife Tameka Harris(Tiny)


This sure has been one hell of a weekend.  We going to allegedly say that Floyd Mayweather got into fight over T.I. wife Tiny in Vegas.

This weekend was Floyd baby girl Iyanna Mayweather 14th birthday where she was celebrating with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, 2 chainz, along with some other celebrities.


Tiny posted this with the Caption: “Had to come and see my new booboo”.

Tiny husband was hosting at Prive nightclub tonight so somebody had to go and tell T.I. what was going on for him to get all hot in his pants.

(reposted from #balleralert) This how the fight got started.)

Here is the beginning of it where you hear floyd telling T.I. to control his B***tch.  Don’t get mad blah blah of course the video cut off.


Here we have the second video that taken place where Floyd was sitting down at Fat Burger eating when once again T.I. approach him with his buddy Dro.  Word must had gotten out of context because as you can see chairs are flying and people are screaming that they are fighting.


Last video  is of Floyd walking away so I take it the police was call and both T.I and Floyd left the scene.

Now we all have heard the rumors of T.I. and Tiny aka Tameka Harris having marriage problems .  Allegedly T.I. supposely had a baby with his mistress along with moving in with her.  How in a rap song  he admitted to everything he has done wrong and now here we have T.I fighting a prize champion over his wife.  Wow what a way to get back at your husband for humiliating you is to get attention from another man.  You go Tiny.

I guess we can say whatever happen in Vegas stay in Vegas well I guess this is not the case.

LiL Kim Celebrating Niece Iyanna Mayweather along With Dad, Floyd Mayweather and Kevin Hart


May 20, 2013Having a blast w/ most beautiful bday girl in the world, my baby Yaya. Every1 follow my niece @moneyyaya !! @floydmayweather @kevinhart4real

Moments like this is truly to be treasure especially when you have a Super Star Aunt like LiL Kim to help you celebrate your birthday.

You also have Comedian Kevin Hart there which we all know was never dull moment.

Happy Birthday to Iyanna Mayweather and many more.

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