Did Amber Rose Just Get Engage To Rapper 21 Savage?

Look like there will be wedding bells soon for Amber Rose and Rapper Savage21.  Even though Amber Rose hasn’t announced that she just got engage when she post this photo of her well this beautiful diamond ring.

Even though they are a decade apart (Amber Rose is 21 and 21 Savage is 24) Amber Rose is determine to marry 21 Savage.

She has been dedicated girlfriend from the jump.  She even been showing clip of performance shows on her Instagram Stories.   Amber Rose was even captioned “Imma Marry Him”

Guess we will find out in time.

Kim Kardashian Show Off Got Engaged Pictures To Kanye West Plus New North West Pictures

Kim Kardashian is showing her personal pictures to the world of that special night when Kanye West beg her to marry him.

Now you probably wondering why is the above picture so blurry.  Hey I am asking the same thing of course.  Why post a picture where you and your man is kissing plus there is the engagement ring.

Could it be that Kim don’t want the public to actually see what the ring truly look like since there has been reports that the ring Kanye gave to Kim is from another engagement.

We already know there was a photographer there so why not post those pictures instead.

Awww now this picture is so cute.  This picture should be frame and put in a album so when their daughter get older she can see how true the love was at that time.

Now of course here we have a picture of North West, daughter to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  She is a cutie but I wish Kim would dress in girl clothes and not boy clothes. 

This is the vixen of fashion and you mean to tell me Kim could not even put a bow on top of her little girl head to show that she is a little girl.

This little girl need to be in pink or pretty colors..

Could It Be True Diddy and Cassie Are Engage To Get Marry? Misa Hylton-Brim Possible Slip.



Could it be true?  Did Diddy finally decided to take that jump and that he is ready to be marry to his long time girlfriend?

During a interview with Power 99 Rise and Grind Morning show Misa Hylton-Brim kinda of let the cat out of the bag.  Hey she didn’t denied about knowing that Diddy Bad Boy CEO and Cassie was set to be marry.

Here is what she have to say:

“No, I love Cassie,” she said.

“I like Cassie for him. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s really nice to him and to my son. And that’s all I can ask for,” she added.

Check out Cassie engagement ring:


To be honest with you Misa is the last person to be concern about the approval of this couple getting marry.  Wondering how Kim Porter is taking this new….


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