New Song: Traci Braxton “Last Call”



Move over Tamar, Toni and Trina Braxton we have another sister Traci Braxton that drop her latest single “Last Call”.

Last season on the “Braxton Family Values” we seen a little bit of Traci singing this song in studio.  I am so glad that Traci decided to stop waiting for the family album and branch out to do a single hopefully a album on her own.  Her single was just release.

This single is a slow jam melody which I am really feeling.  The song is basically saying enough enough either you get yourself together or hit the door.

RHOA Porsha Stewart Reveals BabyBump On Instagram


Porsha Steward takes a selfie picture where she look pregnant

Newly divorcee RHOA star Porsha Stewart reveal a rather mystery picture on instagram of her with a pregnant belly. 

Porsha just recently gotten divorce from her ex-husband Kordell Stewart where it has been discover that she was back on the dating scene. 


Porsha Steward took this selfie at church service with her sister which show allegedly a baby bump.

I guess in time we all will know where this is true or not.

Worst Twerk Ever!!!!!


First let me say this to you folks.  People do not ever do this at home.    This young lady was getting her grove on while twerking then she decided to do a hand stand on the door.

The next thing you know her roommate or who ever this young lady is to her force herself in.  She knock her over by crashing into the table.  On this table she had a candle lit along with alcohol in a glass.  I guess you can say when she crash into the table the candle and alcohol ignite on her clothes.

Hope this young lady is ok. 

Kris Jenner Gets Wig Out Oprah’s “Wild Thang”

Today on the Kris Jenner show was all about wigs.  Today co-host was Morris Chestnut with special guest Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble.

After the commercial Kris comes out with Oprah wig “Wild Thang” which may it debut with Oprah on this month cover.

I love how Morris Chestnut mention that the hair was his hair before he shaved it all off for good. 

Check out the video:

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