New Challenge Alert: I _____ For my Grades

Let me introduce you to ChicagoTeacher Kendrah Underwood and her students from Butler College Prep High School from which is located in Chicago, IL.  

This video was brought to my attention last night.  Even though the original challenge was a little sexual this teacher and her students turn it into something positive and fun.  

I decided to post this video and share it with the world to see.  You can also check out her other video she have done with her students. 

This teacher deserve a standing ovation.  With so much going on in this world the students of today need that motivation and inspiration from a teacher that truly understand the pressure that these kids deal with. 

If this is Kendrah Underwood way to get her students involved with their classwork and to get them to come to her class each and everyday so be it. 

You Rock Mrs. Kendrah Underwood. 

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