Radio Personality Angela Yee: Always Have More Then One Income

I came across this article on where they did a article on Angela Yee about her side hustles in order to survive out here in the world. I have always preach this to my friends and family which some listen and some of them just want to depend on others to take care of them. Well sorry folks that is not me. Now even though I do have a fulltime job but I also have a side hustles too. I love a certain lifestyle plus as your kids get older the more expensive they get.

“Before joining Power 105’s Breakfast Club morning show, New York radio personality Angela Yee held down several positions in the music and fashion industries. Despite her current success on-air, the media maven learned from past money mistakes and keeps her pockets lined with multiple streams of income. “I’m fortunate because a lot of things I do on the side are all things that support my career,” she says. “I encourage people to do things on the side even if you’re not going to make a lot of money from it if it something that is beneficial to you and will help you in the long run with your career.” Yee shares her various celebrity hustles:

Brand Endorsements
As a public figure that’s always on the scene, Yee has built a reputation as an “it” girl that corporate brands are willing to invest in. She currently serves as an Ambassador for popular liquor company Belvedere Vodka. “A lot of liquor companies approached me to work with them, but working with Belvedere wasn’t all about the money,” she says. “It’s something I drink anyway and I can represent it properly. It was a better fit for me than some of the other offers I got.”

Contributing Writer
A Jane of all trades, Yee puts her English major to good use penning articles and conducting interviews for various magazines and Websites. However, it’s a side hustle that’s more about exposure than a paycheck. “Writing assignments do not pay well,” she confesses. “It might as well be free, but for me it’s a good way to promote myself. Just like my blog site. doesn’t make any money. In fact, I pay for that, but it’s something I need to have under my belt to establish myself. You have to make sure to invest back into yourself.”

Artist Manager
Building relationships during her first job as the assistant to the CEO of Wu-Tang Corporation, Yee became the longtime manager of hip-hop artist GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, and later New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica. While she’s stepped back from management full-time, Yee remembers the rigors and realities of the position. “Management is sometimes a thankless job but you should get at least 10% of whatever the [talent] is getting.”

Party Host
While most people attend parties to have fun, Yee uses events as another way to earn extra funds. Serving as a host for an event comes at a cost. “You shouldn’t do it for less than $1K and if you go out of the area and have to get on a flight that’s even more money,” she rationalizes. “They should also pay you more because you’re gone for the entire day, potentially losing out on other opportunities.”


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